New Dedign Handheld Fiber laser welding machine

Item No.: PES-W2000
New Design of Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine
  • Handheld laser welding machine speed is 4-10 times faster than the traditional TIG/MIG welding
  • Easy to operate, no need welding work license, unskilled operator can also weld products beautifully
  • Can weld metal products of different materials and thicknesses
  • Low welding heat, no deformation of the workpiece
  • Smooth and beautiful, which reduces the subsequent grinding process and saves time and cost by laser welding machine

Compare with Traditional Welding




Unskill worker can get started in 10 minutes,The welding speed is 4-10 times that of traditional welding, saving 3-5 professional works. Concentrated energy, low thermal deformation, beautiful welding seam, deep penetration, high strength, can weld thin materials, can be welded by filler wire, or welded without wire.


High professional and technical requirements, high wages for workers, occupational diseases, large body injuries, slow welding speed, low efficiency, large heat influence and easy deformation, thick and irregular welds, requiring secondary polishing, large limitations, and can not weld too thin materials. 



  Traditional welding Handheld Laser welding machine
Welding speed Common 4-10x faster
HeatAffected zone large small
Deformation large small
Bond strength with base material Common Excellent
Subsequent processing Polish No or very little polish
Consumables any Little
Operation difficulty Complicate Simple
Operator safety Not safe Safe
Impact on the environment Pollutional Enviromental
Welding fault tolerance Good Good
Pendular welding No yes
Adjustable spot width No Yes
Welding quality contrast Bad Excellent
Adjustable Welding mode No Six Mode



PES-W1000 Laser Welding Capacity





Single side weld 


Double side weld


Wire weld

Sianless steel 3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Galvanized steel 3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Mild steel 3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Titanium alloy 3mm 6mm 2.5mm
Aluminum 2mm 4mm 1.8mm
Copper 1mm 2mm 0.8mm