Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Item No.: PES-C1000
Power Range: 1000/1500/2000watt
Application: Cleaning Rust/paint/welding seam/Oxide layer
laser cleaning system
Fiber laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products.
It is easy to install, control, and implement automation. With Simple operation, switching
power supply, open the device, then it can be achieved cleaning without chemical reagent,
medium andwater washing, it has many advantages of the focus adjustment manually,
joint surface cleaning, higher cleaning surface cleanliness,it also can remove the surface
of resin, grease, stains, dirt, rust, coating, paint on objects.

Portable laser cleaning machine

Max average power (W) 200 300
Output central wavelength (nm) 1064±5 1064±5
Beam quality (M²) ≤10 ≤10
Power adjustment range (%) 10-100 10-100
Output power instability (%) ≤5 ≤5
Pulse repetition rate (KHZ) 10-50 20-50
Pulse length (ns) 90-130 130-140
Max pulse energy (mJ) 10 12.5
Fiber length(m) 5/10 5/10
Laser safety classification 4 4
Cooling method Water-cooling Water-cooling

Laser cleaner

1.non-contact cleaning, does not damage the part substrate.

2.precise cleaning, can achieve precise location, the exact size of the selective cleaning.

3.laser-cleaning-machine without any chemical cleaning fluid, no supplies, safety and environmental protection.

4.simple operation, power can be hand-held or with the robot to achieve automated cleaning.

5.cleaning efficiency is very high, save time.

6.laser cleaning system is stable, almost no maintenance.

Metalsurface rust removal, Surfacepaint removal and paint treatment, Surfaceoil, stains, dirt cleaning, Surfacecoating,
clear coating, Weldingsurface / spray surface pretreatment, Stonesurface dust and attachment removal, Rubbermold residue cleaning.

A Metal surface cleaning
B Removal paint of metal surface
C stains cleaning on the surface
D Surface coating cleaning
E Pre-treatment of welding surface cleaning
F Stone surface cleaning
G Rubber mold residue cleaning