4-Axis Automatic Welding Station

Item No.: PES-PT1500
High weld consistency,Suitable for mass production,high efficiency,Weld seam is smooth, no need to be polished,Sealed weld seam, high strength,Adjustable power,Wide range of applications




Manual chuck 4-axis rotating table Rotating fixture Tilting bracket angle: 0~90° 4-axis rotating table rotating fixture
  • High weld consistency
  • Suitable for mass production,high efficiency
  • Weld seam is smooth, no need to be polished
  • Sealed weld seam, high strength
  • Adjustable power,Wide range of applications
Configuration Description
Control System Syntec
Welding Torch WSX
Platform configuration 3 sets of electric platforms
Plateform Stroke 600 (X)、300mm(Y)、400mm(Z)
Precision <±0.02mm
Chiller Industrial water chiller
Station Single station
Working mode Manual loading and unloading, automatic welding
Add optional parts Special fixture, etc. (optional)
Welding track Spot, line, circle, square,ect
Dimensions 1000mm(L)×1000mm(W)×1800mm(H)
Power supply AC220V,5KW
Laser wavelength 1070nm
Max Power 1500W
Max penetration 3MM
Fiber core diameter 50um
Aiming and positioning Red light indicator
Total power 3600W
Voltage AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Chiller External water cooling
Dimensions L*W*H 485*748*237